What we do

Custom Web Development Services

We strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions, not cookie-cutter projects. Each website we develop is truly unique. No two are ever identical.

Custom Reports

G-C Design understands that each client may have unique reporting needs. Whether you need an enhanced financial report, expanded board meeting write-ups, or a brand new report created, we can help you.

Data Conversions

New clients, as well as those going through a merger or similar organizational change, may require the import of data from another system. G-C Design can assist with converting historical information from an existing system into your GIFTS or FIMS database, as well as consolidating multiple databases

Process Assessment and Value Targeting

Although process improvement can typically drive value in all parts of the business, it is important to focus initial efforts on areas that provide the largest performance impact (e.g., cost, quality, service). This helps drive early financial benefits as well as builds momentum for change.

Business Process Improvement

Processes that are substandard in terms of cost, schedule, or quality may need improvement, but not wholesale process redesign. Here, our recommendations may be to eliminate duplicate efforts, add inspection points, combine tasks, do activities in parallel, or automate elements of the process.

Data Mining

With data mining services, G-C Design can help you uncover previously unknown valuable customer information that can strengthen your decision making and empower you to identify new business opportunities.